About the Program:
Amica offers a top-rate paid internship program that provides valuable experience and a cross-functional, collaborative team environment. We strive to provide students with a multitude of opportunities in their chosen field of study, while fostering connections and experiences throughout various departments. In keeping with our renowned company culture, our internship program also involves various team building exercises and companywide events to celebrate all of the reasons that make Amica one of the best places to work!

Participating Departments:
  • Accounting
  • Actuarial
  • Amica Life
  • Claims
  • Corporate Information Systems
  • ​​​​​​​Investment
  • Marketing & Communications
  • ​​​​​​​Risk Management
  • Service Center Operations – East
  • Sales and Client Services

Open Jobs 

"First and foremost, as an intern I got the chance to work with incredible people that were so helpful in shaping my time at Amica. Their patience in answering my questions reflected Amica's values, and it also made me think about paying that forward as I progressed in my career. I look back very fondly at my internship experience, and it feels like yesterday."
"Interning at Amica gave me opportunities to learn and contribute in meaningful ways. The sense of community and belonging was so tangible that I made my way back to Amica several years after my internship. Amica was where I had been the happiest in my professional life, and coming back as a full-time employee was the best career decision I've ever made!"
"One aspect that stood out to me was Amica's culture. Everyone was incredibly friendly, approachable and happy to help. This created a positive work environment that made me excited for every day. I was provided with many opportunities for professional development and networking. My intern experience was everything I could have hoped for, and I can gladly say that I've been with Amica as a full-time employee for over five years!"
"I'm so thankful for my internship experience at Amica. It allowed me to grow as a professional while continuing my education. I was able to transfer the skills I developed during my internship to my future roles at Amica. I'm so happy this was the first step in my career here!"